Buying a car is one of the biggest transactions anyone can make. For the first-time buyer, it could also be intimidating.

How does one deal with the process. Moreover, how does one buy a car, truck, crossover or SUV these days - even for the first time?

Here are five tips to help a first-time vehicle buyer:

  1. Know how much you want to spend on a new vehicle. Base a vehicle's buying budget on the after-tax income every month and establish a maximum monthly payment you can realistically afford. It also helps to have a down payment ready in the bank to leverage the payment even lower. Calculating everything should equal to the maximum sticker price of the new or pre-owned vehicle.
  1. Establish needs and wants for the vehicle. Ask these questions: How much driving will be done on a daily basis for commuting and other life events. What kind of free time activities are done regularly, if not occasionally? How many people normally travel in a vehicle - spouse, kids, family, friends, or fellow commuters? What kind of driving style does a person have? These just scratch the surface, but once a set of needs and wants are established, the field of new vehicles to be considered is narrowed down.
  1. Research is important! The internet enables you to discover which vehicles are available that fit their needs, wants and budgets. You can look at the vehicles online, read reviews and do comparisons between potential vehicles. Once a list of vehicles is established, then you can find search our inventory to check them out live and in person. You could also read reviews of us to determine which ones to work with for a specific vehicle.
  1. Visit our showroom. It starts with a look, see, touch and fit of the vehicle being considered. Once it is established that everything is good to the customer, go on a test drive. If the vehicle feels right to the customer, they might want a more extensive test drive. They do not want to drive home in any vehicle - just the right one.
  1. Get ready to go through the sales process. If you have made a final decision on a vehicle, you should be ready to explore the best deal that fits their budget - down payment, monthly payment and terms, additional services and add-ons and insurance, if provided by Suburban Ford. Once everything is agreed upon, be ready to sign to secure and finalize the purchase. Make sure everything is correct before taking delivery of the new vehicle! 

Here is another tip: Enjoy the process! Relax, have someone guide the process along and rest assured that if the vehicle is right - the keys will be in the hands of its worthy owner before they know it!

Do not be intimidated by the car buying process! If it is the first time, it will be absolutely rewarding! 

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